And this is what I found for primary sources… But honestly, I still don’t know what to do with all that. So I’m just gonna post here, and later I’ll think it over…

Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels by Joanna Walsh

full site on manga and Shakespeare


Princess Murder (hypertext)

Disappearing Rain (hypertext)

Ferris Wheel (hypertext)

Carving in possibilities (hipertext)

Hipertext fiction (not free) here we can find that hipermedia/hipertext fiction Patchwork Girl, something to do with a female Frankeinstein…

Vasalisa (Cinderella in Russian) – hypertext the cinderella tales – loved it!

Hopstory  and Weirview (hypertext and non-linear narrative) and others weirview is the best of them…

Staying Single by Alison Norrington


Archetypal Africa (hypermedia) bizarre!

Inanimate Alice (hipermedia) really interesting for a research on the area!

Eletric Lit. Magazine: Single Sentence Animation: Sentences from literary sources adapted to animated short films (YouTube) – Literature and hipermedia Just amazing!!!

Little Things

Jo Dery imagines T Cooper

Olympia, a novel in progress

Three Girls

The Cows


Shakespeare’s Sonnet 133: University Project for the D&AD. The brief was to incorporate Shakespeare’s Sonnets on a digital environment. 


A Million Penguins – “ The most written novel in history”

About crowdsourcing (critical analysis and interview with editor of A Million Penguins)


Romeo + Juliet: The Sims

Gamelet and blog


Such Tweet Sorrow bbc news on STS extremely creativity – fantastic!!!

Implementation (installation) in NYTimes

Peter Greenway’s Tulse Luper Suitcases : 3 films, books, blog, game, VJ performance, art installation. what can I say about it? the guy is either crazy or a genius, or both… (VJ performance)

About Tulse Luper Suitcases


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