Twitter as a performance art plataform: project

We’ve already seen how augmented reality is expanding the definition of art thanks to Tom’s roundup. Now Creative Time has commissioned a series of Twitter performances that expands the definition of performance art.  These pieces, the first commissioned works of their kind, will explore the intersection of real places and in-person interactions with virtual spaces and digital conversations.

Says Tweet curator Shane Brennan, “One only has to look at the role of social media in organizing and documenting the popular revolutions that have swept across Northern Africa and the Middle East in recent months to see how [the physical and virtual] worlds are inextricably connected.” Brennan explains that this project is a first step in claiming this new virtual public space as a space for art.

On May 25, social media artist Man Bartlettwill begin his project #24hPort. He’ll spend 24 hours in the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan asking Twitter followers, “Where have you been?” and people in the Port Authority, “Where are you going?” These simple questions are meant to open up conversations, both virtual and in-person, about memory and geography.

Brennan explains in this video interview that Bartlett was intrigued by the parallels between the Port and the virtual world: both serve as a traffic hub and place for exchange, both are sometimes a complicated maze with dead ends.  (To view and participate in the project, use the Twitter hashtag #24hPort and follow @manbartlett).

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Another article on the same subject:

The public art organization commissioned three artists—Man Bartlett, David Horvitz and Jill Magid—to create artworks using the social networking tool Twitter from now until July. According to a press release, each will use the site “as both an artistic tool and a site for public performance.”

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About the project:

Twitter has expanded the definition of public space, providing a rich environment where—140 characters at a time—revolutions are organized, the banalities of everyday life are shared, and artists create site-specific interventions. Creative Time Tweets, a series of three commissioned Twitter performances, explores Twitter as a viable place for art that engages audiences, promotes dialogue, and intersects with the physical world. Using Twitter as both an artistic tool and a site for public performance, Man Bartlett, David Horvitz, and Jill Magid will carry out projects in collaboration with their audiences that unfold as Twitter streams.

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